Courage Vibrotech Pipes

Established with the object of manufacturing, popularizing and marketing Vibrotech Pipes and allied products. Over a period of time we have established the manufacturing unit equipped with cutting-edge machines that provide greater flexibility to the process. The use of latest technology ensures highest level accuracy in product dimension along with cost-effective production. We strictly follow a well-defined quality management system throughout the entire business to provide products of international standards.

Reinforced Concrete Pipes

recognized for its quality of manufacturing, consistency of strength, availability in design and sizes to serve most installations, being easy to place and providing a reliable and durable system, particularly under load.

Manufacturing Technology Adopted

Vertical Dry Cast method using Vibrators to compact the concrete. The ends of pipes are suitable for socket and spigot, latest and best technology used for the manufacturing of RCC pipes.

ISI Registration

Manufacturing and Testing of Concrete Pipes are extensively done as per IS: 458-2003.

Specification Class

NP-4 & NP-3 - Reinforced concrete, heavy-duty, non-pressure pipes

Conditions Where Normally Used

For drainage and irrigation use, for cross drains/ culverts carrying heavy traffic


Backed by a comprehensive knowledge of technology and rich experience of manufacturing, the company has set up sophisticated plant with latest and fully automated machines to manufacture R.C.C. pipes of diameter 300 mm to 2000 mm at Jalna in Maharashtra.

We at CVP are manufacturing concrete pipes of Class NP3 and NP4 in sizes varying from 300 mm to 2000 mm Diameter as per IS 458:2003 under controlled environment and quality management system. We can also manufacture wide range of concrete products with use of high-tech Vertical Vibration Casting Technology under one roof.

The technology used for the manufacture of concrete pipes is vertical Dry-Cast method using vibrators to compact the concrete. The water cement ratio of concrete in pipes made using these processes is low and with high levels of compaction, the result is pipes having higher concrete compressive strength as compared to spun pipes. The concrete thus produced is practically impermeable to water and has the highest level of durability.

Vibration Casting Technology

In the case of vertical cast pipes, the dry concrete mixture is placed inside the pipe structure, and the entire inner core receives a complete vibration, which further results in the compaction of the concrete. Now, this vertical core vibration process of the Vertical Vibrated Casting machines ensures several benefits in the pipe-making process.

Vertical concrete pipe machines ensure homogeneous compaction. Other than that, these machines also make sure that the materials distribution processes occur uniformly.
The machine further exhibits a uniform crushing strength, especially at jacking surfaces. Moreover, it is tough to find any leakage or stony surface areas.
Finally, the spigot receives a perfect compaction and dry-cast pressing, thus making it highly strong.

Cage Making

welds the reinforcing cage with precise dimensions and accuracy.



Quality is one of the main aspect of our business success since inception, our manufacturing process follows an IS: 458-2003 defined quality management standards and have granted the required license for the Vibrotech pipe manufacturing. Manufacturing process involves different phases of quality control as follows:

Raw Material Inspection

Our raw material inspections are a vital step in the process, helping to ensure the quality is up to the mark. Cement, Steel, Stone Blast and Sand (VSI) are obtained from market leading vendors. Raw Materials are inspected on arrival at our factory site. After being approved through inspection the raw material is sent to manufacturing unit.


In Process Quality Control

Product Manufacturing is done under the strict supervision of highly qualified and experienced engineers. In the process, we conduct necessary tests such as Slump Test, compressive Strength Test and Concrete Internal Finish Test.


Final Testing

We conduct rigorous testing for every batch of products at random, to ensure that the entire batch complies with international standards. Various precise assessment tests of our RCC Pipes including Dimensions Check, Three Edge Bearing Test, Hydrostatic Test, Permeability Test, Manufacturing Excellence are conducted at our facility.


When you buy the pipes made by us, manufactured with Vibration Casting Technology, you receive a bundle of


  1. Our vertical cast concrete pipes are manufactured using vibration technology from APPOLO HAWKEYE PEDERSHAAB CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY PVT.LTD. INDIA, a method that employs specialized high-tech machinery to produce superior strength pipes.
  2. You get a pipe with precisely controlled socket and spigot. Joint eliminating the leakage through the joint. No more contamination of ground water. No more risk of contamination of water supply mains by sewage. The sewage lines become maintenance free thereby reduce the expenditures and avoid inconvenience.
  3. The pipes are made from high grade concrete and hence have a very high strength. No more breakages. High life expectancy.
  4. The faster rate of productions helps in reduction of project completion time. Reduction in project costs. Possibility to purchase pipes from single pipe producer.
  5. Consistent Quality: No dimensional variations from pipe to pipe. Easy assembly at site. Mould finished smooth inner surface increases the sewage output for the same diameter.
  6. The use of un-reinforced pipes without compromising strengths overcomes the problem associated with steel reinforcements.

Courage Vibrotech Pipes is actively involved in the strengthening the nation's infrastructure in varied fields viz. Irrigation and Drainage by executing numerous Vibrotech pipeline projects for Water Supply and Sewerage in India